A board for the pizza "in pala"

Today the peel pizza is a product that is becoming increasingly popular in pizzerias in Italy and not only. Just as the hydration of the dough varies according to this particular type of pizza, it is also essential to choose the right tool to greatly favour the baking of this pizza.
Gi.Metal has therefore created a board for the management of the peel pizza or pizza by the meter with the grip on one side, with front milling, to facilitate both the loading and the release of the pizza in the oven.

Unlike traditional wooden boards, the use of anodised aluminium makes the product lightweight, solid, durable and hygienic. The neutral anodization makes the surface of the peel even, protecting it from oxidation, as well as ensuring an incomparable lightness. The preparation of the dough and the topping are often carried out directly on the peel, this is why a sturdy tool is necessary, that facilitates the sliding of the dough onto the refractory stone of the oven and that it is at the same time light and easy to handle.

Watch the  video demonstrating the use of the New Board for peel pizza/pizza by the meter.

pizzainpala  assepizzainpala 

pizzainpalaimpasto          assepizza

What are the Technical Characteristics?
The board measures 30x90 cm and is entirely in anodised aluminium.
Available in the smooth version (Cod. AM-3090A) or perforated (Cod. AM-3090AF) with holes over the entire surface, specially designed to create low friction and release the excess flour, therefore avoiding it sticking to the bottom of the pizza.